Copper Fox is a business focused mainly on the buying and selling of high-quality hunter jumpers.


Kendall Meijer

Kendall is a top amateur rider from Grand Rapids, MI. She began riding at the age of 9, and has since excelled to the top level of amateur riding. She competes mainly in the Amateur Owner and Adult Hunter divisions with various Copper Fox horses. Kendall values the dedication and hard work it takes to compete at the top level in any sport, and she credits her success to her parents, her trainers, Cathy and Hillary Johnson, and her horses.

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Hillary Johnson

Hillary is a talented professional who works with Copper Fox both to bring along young horses and compete in the professional divisions at horse shows around the country. Her training and riding skills and tireless work ethic have been major parts of the success of Copper Fox and our horses. Hillary has won some of the most coveted awards with Copper Fox horses, including 2016 High Score Green Hunter at the Washington International Horse Show, and National Horse of the Year in the Second Year Green division.

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Cathy Johnson

Cathy started Meadowview Farm over 30 years ago in Lowell, MI. She was responsible for the majority of both Kendall and Hillary’s training throughout the years, and continues to be an integral part of the Copper Fox team. With a knack for “matchmaking” horses and riders, Cathy is able to see potential in young horses, and she works with Hillary to plan their training and showing programs.